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July 2, 2013
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Planet Size Me


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Episode IV: The “New” Pregnancy


“You sure you can take Senator Ward’s word for this? It’s a highly risky operation!”

Master Bombay, head of the Proterian Judis, nodded his head gravely. Landing the Aircraft right on the outskirts of the Human World Headquarters in the dead of night, he and his closest comrades, Master Heath and Master Yagma from the Jumong Judis, finalized their preparations.

Senator Ward was famous amongst inhabitants of the Sperlonian Solar System for being able to see into the future, and his knowledge of future events were always shockingly accurate. There was only one setback that came with such an overwhelming power: Ward wasn’t able to control the visions, and the time frames that the eldest of the Proterians peered into varied quite often.

This time, though, was the worst of all. Ward had come into the Galactic Briefing Room that morning white as a sheet, his gnarled, ancient cane shaking violently in his death grip, knuckles as white as snow. Gasps resounded throughout the dome, for apparently… in the future…

A vast army would descend upon Proteria, and… the entire race would cease to exist!

Some stuck to the fact that the future can be changed if you know what’s going to happen, and argued against this newfound revelation. They were quickly shot down by a reminder that Ward’s predictions always came true.

And so, the three Judi Masters’ mission on this chilly, clear night? With no hope left, Master Bombay was dead set on rallying the Humans behind them, as their race was the most populated. They had hidden from them all this time, but if the introduction to extra terrestrials went smoothly, they would then introduce them to highly advanced Sperlonian technology.

“Hold your tongue, Heath… Bombay’s point is indeed valid. For if an army is to appear in the future and wipe out his race, taking Humans under our wing, those who are able to produce more children than we could ever hope to, may in turn cancel out the awful premonition Sperlonia is facing right now. One army against the other, eh, old friend?”

Master Bombay smiled, running a hand through his dark, viridian hair as he nodded. Just like always, Master Yagma was very perceptive, and probably figured out Bombay’s plan even before they landed.

Leaping out into plain sight, they startled the guards stationed in front of the World HQ. Raising their guns to counter this sneak attack, both guards’ jaws dropped when they found their weapons being wrenched out of their hands and thrown across the ground, as if someone was performing a magic trick on them.

”We come in peace, my friend…”, Master Bombay stated raising his hand as his emerald eyes glowed green in the dark. Master Heath chuckled, for now the two men were completely under their spell.

“Would you mind taking us to your leader? We have a very important meeting with him, and it can’t wait.”

Their eyes vacant, the guards simply nodded, and motioned for the three to follow.

The three kept a hand on their Shine Blades just in case, but it was probably an unnecessary precaution.

Soon, the Proterian Master hoped, the Human race would be well on their way to becoming a significant part of the Sperlonian Solar System. Their role: mass production!


The year is now 2683 AP. Thanks to the sudden appearance of alien races, the Human planet called “Earth” has become amazingly prosperous, and technological growth has exploded exponentially. In a tale that is passed down from generation to generation, the Proterians, foreseeing their demise in the future at the hand of a powerful army, asked the Humans to aid in building their own army that could counter this unseen entity.

Quite a few centuries had gone by in that amount of time, and Earth, under the influence of Proteria,  had quickly become interested in one thing, and one thing only: pregnancy!
In today’s society, the bigger the belly, the better the woman! It’s a status symbol unlike anything else, and every female around the globe aspires to have as many children as they can. Even the other races found it alluring, and slowly more and more foreigners moved to the aforementioned planet.

And, thanks to the technological advancements made by leading scientists over the years, a normal pregnancy yields anywhere from twenty to thirty children. The gestation period and birthing process are also sped up, allowing for more babies to be born quickly and efficiently. Women are even given pills to take that turns the pain previously felt from contractions into a highly pleasurable experience. There are even positions in the field for women that bases their career around becoming pregnant.

Yup, nothing like 90th century medical science!
And now, our story truly begins. Zooming in from our outer space view of the green and blue planet, we come to a busy airway congested with traffic from Gamma Pods and Current Riders. Now we pan down below, to one of the many complex buildings in the area. Ah, yes, here we are. There’s someone I’d like you to meet… she’s right over there… right through that window…


“What a record, ladies and gentlemen! And what a privilege! To believe that a Breeder could give birth to fifty-three children in one go is mindboggling! And now, without further ado, we have a very special guest star with us today to speak on this matter! Please welcome Senator El– ”

Chandra Gilliard snapped her fingers, turning off the Holovision. She leaned back in her anti-gravity swivel chair and sighed dreamily.

Wow… fifty-three kids! I sure wish I could get that huge! Those Breeders are something else…

“Computer, what time is it?”, Chandra asked aloud, blowing a wisp of cherry red hair out of her face. She began to take off her shirt, revealing a D-cup bust size that went well with her generous rear.

“It is 15:56, Chandra. Work starts in exactly 3 minutes and 53 seconds. Preparing the Roadster…”

“Oh no, I watched too much of that live stream!”, she yelled, grabbing fistfuls of her bright hair in exasperation. Throwing on her uniform in a heartbeat, she hopped onto the Roadster that had just risen up out of the floor and flew off into bustling airway.

Pregnant women of all races traversed the sidewalks below, closely accompanied by their male partners. To aid in their movement (for carrying fifteen+ babies can become quite… cumbersome), Proteria began to mass-produce a life-saving invention, the Belly Buddy! Simply put on the helmet when your pregnancy became too big for you to walk, and the cameras attached to the surface of the anti-gravity scooter would give you a panoramic view of everything that was going on. It even had an upgrade for seeing behind you!

And, thanks to their massive cargos, bigger bellies equaled fuller tits and wider hips for the expectant women. Some men couldn’t help themselves and rested a hand on their female partners’ bulging rears, rubbing the abundance of copious flesh as the couples made their way around the city.

Rising above the traffic jam, Chandra fixed her sights on the destination she was frantically trying to get to on time, which was actually the local café.

Good thing Roadsters are built for speed… bye bye, suckers!

Laughing as she outmaneuvered an oncoming group of Gamma Pods, Chandra had nearly made it to the airborne coffee shop when calamity struck. It was no doubt the best accident that could ever happen to the redhead, and was about to radically change her life.


Tumbling off of her spiraling Roadster, Chandra barely made it onto the platform and finally came to halt after smashing into the side of the Frais Café. Thankfully her wafer-thin, invisible body armor had absorbed most of the shock, but now her Roadster lay smoking, in pieces, right next to her. It would not be seeing the skies for a very long time.

“Whoever did that, if you’re still alive, you are soooo dead!”, she shouted, sitting up and brushing some dirt off the side of her thigh. She gave her shorts a tug upwards, as the fall had caused them to ride down and expose a bit of her panties.

Not too far away from where she lay, another figure rose up out of his own wreckage, coughing and sputtering. There was a huge gash on his arm, alerting Chandra to the fact that he didn’t own body armor, one of life’s cheapest necessities. He was without a doubt a member of the lower class. A street urchin, if you were going by slang. He probably got that fancy-looking Current Rider by stealing.

Taking off his white t-shirt and using it as a tourniquet, he limped over to Chandra. She was about to gloat in his face, give the good-for-nothing vagabond what for, but she froze when she saw got a better look at him.

Bending down, he held out his hand with a genuine look of concern on his face.

“Er, uh, h-hello there…”, he began shakily, averting his gaze when he noticed Chandra staring right back at him. “M-my name’s Edgar Monague, and I… I’m r-really sorry about... gaaah!”

The pain in his arm was too much, and Edgar’s feet abruptly gave way. His head conveniently landed right in between Chandra’s ample bust, his torso fitting nicely into the space that Chandra’s open legs created. For your typical “street urchin”, Edgar was surprisingly handsome, and tied his long blonde hair back into a ponytail.

“Oof! H-hey, g-get off me!”, the redhead cried.

Thanks to the steamy situation at hand, Chandra was blushing rather hotly, her cheeks rivaling the color of her hair.

After what seemed like an eternal two seconds, Edgar leapt back, wincing again at the pain. He opened his mouth to speak, but, thinking better of it, continued backing up, putting as much distance between them as he could.

“Edgar, w-wait!”, Chandra called after the boy, swallowing to alleviate her parched throat. W-why am I so nervous!?  Get it together!

“D-don’t worry, miss! I’ll pay for your Roadster… s-somehow…”

“No, Edgar, that’s not…! Oh, forget about the silly bike, I’ll just send it in to the shop! But right n-now you don’t have any way to get back, and you’re in pain, so… here!”

Taking a vial out of her purse, she quickly opened it and grabbed Edgar’s wrist, pouring the substance all over the wound. He winced at first, but soon his pained expression faded away into one of pure relief.

“T-thank you, miss, I don’t know what I would’ve–“

“Chandra. Please call me Chandra, Edgar.”

Returning Edgar’s gesture from before, she extended her hand, to which Edgar shook gratefully. Something changed in his expression, and he began to look at her as someone more than just a random girl that he had a collision with.

“Did you w-want to come inside, Edgar? If you’re hungry, I can t-treat you to some c-coffee and… stuff. I actually work here!”

What did I just say?!

“I, uh… s-sure Chandra, but I r-really should try and find a new ride… are you sure you don’t want me to pay for any of the repairs?”

Chandra simply shook her pretty little head and smiled, long, bouncy locks of red hair flying this way and that. She beckoned for him to follow, and together they made their way into the Frais Café.

From a distance, safe within a rather large Gamma Pod, a rather significant Sperlonian individual had watched that tiny little exchange.

“Interesting…”, he whispered to himself, grinning from ear to ear. “I believe our plans have just inadvertently accelerated…”



On the other side of the city, two hooded men entered the Feeder’s Chamber, another crucial part of the system set up by the Proterians. One of the individuals was exceedingly short, and had lived a very long life indeed. Being a Jumong, he still had quite a few more centuries under his belt.

The other was quite youthful by contrast, and stood a good six or seven heads taller than his companion. They both took off their hoods in unison, taking in the proficient activity going on around them. The younger one ogled a passing Feeder, for he had never seen a breast size so… humongous! A couple of the PERs (PErsonal Robots) asked if they could hang up the cloaks belonging to the two, but the stumpier man declined the offer.

The younger, glancing towards the main desk, narrowed his lime-green eyes as his mouth curled downwards in a snarl.

“Alda’mariths…”, he hissed under his breath, subconsciously putting a hand to the weapon on his hip.

“Be at ease, Django, my young Apprentice…”, the short one commanded as he stroked his elf-like ears, an amused levity hidden just beneath a surface of ancient wrinkles. “We’ve only come here to inquire about that. You don’t want Earth’s Alda’mara clans to start a feud with Proteria’s clans, now do you?”

Django sighed and nodded, crossing his arms and adopting a look of reluctant defeat. “You’re correct, Master Yagma. I have much to learn if I’m going to become as wise as you one day.”
Much to his surprise, Master Yagma began to chuckle, which eventually turned into flat-out, good-natured laughter, a toothless grin present on the jovial Jumong.

“W-what’s so funny, Master?!”, Django demanded, the green-haired Proterian now confused. He raised an eyebrow at Yagma, actually cracking a smile when he saw the Jumong in such high spirits.

“Don’t mind me, Django…”, Master Yagma finally replied, clearing his throat. “You’ve become almost as wise as I have, if you can state such a thing with that much conviction. But look lively now, for our patience is about to be tested. Yours especially…”

Pointing subtly to the right, Django followed Master Yagma’s finger. A custom-made Roadster was casually making its way towards them, the Alda’marith present at the handlebars eyeing the two new visitors with a smug dissatisfaction.

Much unlike the bronze tan of the Proterians, or the almost Human-like skin tone of the Jumongs, Alda’mariths were quite different; averaging out to be slightly taller than Humans, they bore varying purple skin complexions, and were always born with flowing, silver hair. Similar to humans, though, their eye color varied, making for quite a few fearsome-looking individuals every once in a while.

“Greetings, my friends!”, the Alda’marith stated, grinning at his guests as he extended both of his hands for a handshake. “I’m a busy man, you know, so I don’t come out of my office for just anyone! If the Senate hadn’t told me to meet with you, I wouldn’t have showed up at all! Ahaha!”
Django’s neck muscle convulsed for a split second, to which Master Yagma took note of. Even though his Apprentice did not show any signs of agitation outwardly, inwardly he was probobably cursing the Alda’marith out with every Proterian swear word he knew. The Jumong knew it would be wise to proceed along at a quicker pace, or else things would begin to get out of hand. But there was no harm in giving this jerk a little bit of his own medicine, now was there?

“Ah, I see”, Master Yagma stated, arching his back and cracking it. His head and knuckles followed suit as he continued. “Well, Senator Elguth, if you would be so kind as to bring us to the Training Center, the important matters that you probably have to attend to wouldn’t be on hold for too long of a time.”

This time it was the Alda’marith’s turn to become irked, and he shot Master Yagma the most piercing stink eye he could manage. Elguth looked for any hint of derision from Yagma, but found none after surveying the Jumong’s innocent, sincere expression.

Once satisfied with his scrutinizing scan, he whipped his air bike around. Two plates extended out of the Roadster, platforms for a single person to stand on that held them in place.

“Please, hop on! I’ll give you a tour!”

Master Yagma winked at Django, who nearly wasn’t able to stifle his snicker. The two Judis got onto Senator Elguth’s Roadster, and off they sped towards their destination.

It was a short ride, as the distance wasn’t too far, and the Senator parked his Roadster in a reserved spot outside of the huge dome they were about to enter.

Inside, Django’s pheromones were practically leaping off the walls, for this was where most of the Feeders were stationed.

For you see, unlike Breeders, women whose job it is to produce as many children as possible with one pregnancy, Feeders supply the growing children with an essential part of their new lives: mother’s milk.

Given a tiny little wafer when they become employees at one of the many Feeder’s Chambers stationed around the globe, a miraculous change happens within the next 24 hours. The female’s breast tissue greatly increases, in addition to the amount of milk to be stored within their giant mammaries. Sometimes the expansion process takes a turn for the worse (I obviously mean the opposite) and becomes larger than the anticipated size (think of ten times larger than KKKs). Nevertheless, the hundreds of newborns never go hungry. To resupply if they’ve run dry, Feeders insert a tube into their mouth that gorges them with milk. But instead of the milk going straight into their stomachs for digestion, it instead heads right into their boobs. The biggest bust size on record belonged to a Proterian, measuring at a whopping fifteen feet tall and fifteen feet wide. They were the roundest milk jugs in the Galaxy, and took nearly half an hour to get full with milk.

A counterpart to the Belly Buddies that pregnant women were so fond of these days was the Bust Buddy, another anti-grav scooter that supports a Feeder’s gigantic knockers rather than a ginormous belly.

Oh, whoops, I’m sorry, Master Yagma is beginning to speak. Let us tune back into the story at hand…

“As I said, Django…”, whispered Master Yagma, now perched on the Apprentice’s shoulder. “Keep your wits about you here. There are many pretty girls with unbelievable assets, but you must not let them distract you.”

Even as Master Yagma had finished bringing Django back to his senses, a drop-dead gorgeous Human girl who was in the process of feeding two little ones sent a suggestive wink his way, flush cheeks from the task at hand only making her more desirable.

Django audibly gulped and wrested his gaze away from the blue-eyed beauty, still able to see her curly blond hair in his mind’s eye. He kept his gaze fixed on the fractal floor tiles, intent on forcing all perverted thoughts out of his head.

“I believe Tammy is free tonight, Django. Maybe you and her can head to hotel and…?”

Django’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull, the statement as shocking as the one who it had come from.

“Master Yagma, y-you can’t possibly… h-how do you even know that g-g– ”

“Ho ho ho, lighten up, Django! I jest, of course! And that shows you were still dwelling on it!”

Risking a glance backwards, Django saw Tammy, if that was even her name, had her eyes trained on them, and she smiled brightly when their eyes met.

The young Proterian Apprentice quickly whipped his head back down, blushing hotly. Now I really do wish I hadn’t come… even Master Yagma is having fun at my expense!

Meanwhile, Senator Elguth was rambling on about the Training Center’s facilities, unaware of anything that had just taken place. Django hoped it stayed that way; he didn’t need that windbag getting a hoot out of his discomfort.

“…around the time of the Great Change so many centuries ago. After the Senate had become mainly dominant by my brethren, the Alda’mariths, a decree was passed to change the proceedings. The army spoken of in the legends of old is still prevalent in everyone’s mind, so what better way to build up our forces than expose them to the ravages of war at a young age? Take a look for yourself! It is with great pride that I present the new Training Program!”

Master Yagma hopped off of Django’s shoulder with haste, and hobbled into the open area that they had just been brought to.

Children of all ages were engaged in many different activities, all of which looked hazardous to their health. One group was rough-housing… another group had on Holohelms, no doubt watching violent Virtual Films on it. Another group of the older kids, the teenagers, were actually simulating a real war, which the staff was able to view behind the reinforced glass wall of the Holodeck (an invention recreated long ago by an extremely smart Star Trek fan). The eldest, those who had already outgrown their teen years, marched towards the Shooting Range in uniform while chanting malevolent slogans.

Master Yagma narrowed his eyes at all of the activity that was going on, stroking his chin thoughtfully. “This is all rather interesting, Senator Elguth. If I may ask, amongst all of this fighting, where are these future soldiers being taught to be upright characters of society?”
“Ha! Master Yagma, your way of thinking is very outdated. We only need killing machines to counterattack the future army, not goody-two-shoes who stop to smell the roses!”

“Hmm, hmm, hmmm… you’re quite right, Senator…”, Master Yagma agreed, nodding his head. “Well then, I can’t wait to see the outcome of this army. An army based purely on killer instinct can only produce good results for all of Sperlonia. Thank you for your time, Elguth.”

“Oh, it was a pleasure, Master Yagma!”, the Alda’marith smiled haughtily, sure that he had convinced the Judi Master that their techniques at the Feeder’s Chamber were totally beneficial.
Walking back to the Roadster, Django was wondering what would happen next. The way Yagma had spoken that last part was very reassuring. Evident by his tone of voice, one thing was blatantly obvious to the young Proterian: the elderly Jumong didn’t trust the Alda’marith Senator one bit.


Whispers and murmurs came from every corner of the night club. Although people had continued going about their dancing and drinking after the door had closed, something wasn’t right. The man put off an insanely powerful aura, and you felt like you just wanted to get away from him.

Only one person in the room recognized the metallic figure who had taken a seat at the bar, and his face turned as pale a sheet. It was as though he had just seen a ghost. The woman seducing him was a Feeder, apparent by her ridiculously large breasts. It wasn’t common knowledge, but another reason why women became Feeders was indeed the allure of the spectacular breast size that came with it. At night, these women made a living as whores, essentially, making money off of the men who had a thing for their larger chests. This particular Feeder, who was actually a short, plump Jumong, wondered what was wrong with the Human who had purchased her services. She waved a hand in front of his face, but was unable to get a reaction out of him.

“I’m looking for someone…”, the man who made everyone uneasy told the bartender, tipping his hat to cover his eyes. He handed a picture over, and downed his drink in three large gulps while he let the bartender look at it.

The bartender blanched at the picture, and did a poor job of hiding it.

“Wonderful, you’ve seen ‘im before. Where can I find him?”, the man inquired further, pressing the sweaty bartender for details. Beneath his cowboy hat were intense red pupils that grew red with increasing intensity, and it scared the bejeebers out of the poor man whose job it was to simply serve drinks.

“I’m s-sorry, sir!”, he stammered, sweating all over the picture he had been given. “I can’t disclose that sort of information. N-now, if you don’t leave quietly, I’ll have to… yikes!”
The insidious man’s arm shot out with lightning speed and grabbed the bartender’s bowtie, bringing him in closer.

“Listen to me. I asked a question, and I’m expecting an answer. Now.”

Now, all eyes were on this pushy individual in the club. The bouncers that were positioned all over the place crept up on the cloaked individual slowly, intent on rescuing the bartender and teaching this no-goodnik a lesson.

“You’ll have to search elsewhere for your answer, you cheeky bastard!”, the bartender proclaimed suddenly, smiling at the man. Suddenly, two great big hands were wrenching the bartender away from his assailant, and the bodyguard smashed the hatted man’s head into the floor.

The hulking bodyguard cracked his knuckles, and flashed the crowd a thumbs up. Some people actually started clapping when they saw that the mysterious individual wasn’t moving, but one person’s cries of warning were drowned out by the cheers.

Standing up as if nothing had happened to him, the man who had just been presumed incapacitated by many proceeded to take the bouncers out, one by one, without lifting a finger. Literally.

The thick-muscled fighters slumped to floor, out for the count.

The crowd fell silent again, and the warnings were finally heeded.

The powerful entity walked up to the bartender, and once again grabbed him by the bowtie.

“I don’t have time for games, dammit. Proteria’s not gonna be wiped out, not if I have anything to say about it. You tell your boss that it’s time to stop the charades and reveal his master plan. If not, he’ll soon find death knocking on his door.”

Leaving the trembling bartender on the floor, the feared man made his way out of club, only to be stopped by a young Human at the door. He bore a mask, no doubt to hide his identity.

“What do you want?”, the man asked the masked person. “Get the hell out of my way before I…”

They whispered something in the man’s ear, to which he laughed at, apparently relieved.

“So, it’s better than we thought…”, the man replied aloud to the whisperer. “Ward’s predictions always came true, but something like this may not happen the way we think. If you are who you say you are, then, by all means, carry on. He’ll get what’s coming to him and his followers soon enough. Thank you for letting me know. Certainly more helpful than that cowardly bartender…”

Walking off into the night, the man’s cowboy hat nearly flew off of his head as his cloak unfurled and waved wildly in the wind. He had left the blonde with a lot to think about, especially how to go about aiding Proteria from the upcoming invasion.

Almost like a broken record now, the man who had recognized the violent individual continued to spout his warning.

“…ight him, that’s Siegfried: Man with Hat, the bounty hunter! Don’t fight him, that’s Siegfried: Man with Hat, the bounty hunter! Don’t fight him, that’s…”

The most aloof, the most cunning, and the most powerful. With strength rivaling that of the Galaxy’s best Judis, his odd-sounding name is one that turns the bones of the toughest criminals in the underworld to jelly.

Siegfried: Man with Hat, the bounty hunter extraordinaire.

The man who had just taken it upon himself to right the wrongs that were being done by a certain individual who operated in broad daylight, right amongst unwitting colleagues. For this mission, though, he would need to enlist the help of Sperlonia’s heroes.

But, more importantly… just who was that masked man Siegfried had briefly conversed with?


“Hi, Edgar, good morning! I hope you had a good… oh, no, no! Alright, how about… hello, Edgar, just thought I’d drop in to see how you’re… gah! Aiiieee, why can’t I do it?!”

The previous day had actually gone marvelously for Chandra. Her insurance actually payed for her totaled Roadster, and Edgar had decided to spend his entire day with Chandra. To pass the time, he helped her out with the tasks that she had to do during the day, such as bringing food to various customers’ tables and sweeping up the messes at break time. She continued to glance at him throughout her shift, and blushed when he caught her from afar one time.

From time to time, they would discuss their lives, their likes, and even their favorite videogames. Edgar was actually growing quite fond of the redhead, which only embarrassed her even more. Especially when one of her friends asked if that was her boyfriend.

”So, uh, Edgar… where do you live? I can pay for the Grav Bus and make sure you get home safely…

”Actually, Chandra, I have somewhere to go tomorrow in this city… would you mind if I, uh… stayed over your place for the night?”

And now, here they were. Edgar was still sound asleep on her couch, so Chandra was practicing her “good morning” lines in her bedroom mirror. Feeling like a failure, she collapsed to her knees, burying her red face in her sweaty palms.

The first guy she had ever fallen in love with wanted to sleep over her house, and Chandra found it incredibly tough to compose herself. And it wasn’t entirely her fault, either… I mean, how could she NOT be nervous?!

“That’s a funny way to say good morning to your guest!”

Chandra nearly hit her head on the ceiling, the poor girl jumped so high. Whipping around, she found herself face to face with the smiling Edgar, who was also kneeling on Chandra’s pink carpet.

“And my, what springy legs!”, he added in, chuckling. “Did you ever take Gymnastics?”

“Edgar, uh, y-you didn’t h-hear me, did you?! And, w-wait, you can’t c-come in here, it’s too m-messy, I need time to cl–!”

“Aw, don’t worry, Chandra, I’ve seen worse! Well, not really, since you’re the first… uh… good morning, and thank you for letting me sleep over! Sometimes I don’t have anywhere to go, so it’s great to be in a house again.”

Edgar went in for a sincere hug, causing a sharp intake of breath from Chandra as she blushed even more furiously.

“Y’know…”, he continued as he held onto her. “Did anyone ever comment on how cute you look in that work uniform?”

Chandra couldn’t believe her ears! She felt like she was about to faint!

Edgar, what are you saying! This… is a dream. Yes, I must still be dreaming…

“Chandra, I know this very sudden, but… would you like to go on a date with me today?”

He wrecks my Roadster, he sleeps over my house, and now he’s asking me out?! T-this is really crazy!

“I, uh, w-well…”, she stammered, beads of sweat accumulating around her forehead. “W-what about t-that thing you h-had to do today?!”

“It can wait, Chandra…”, Edgar replied, finally pulling away from her and smiling. “You’re the most important thing in the world, as far as I’m concerned.”

Her world spun for a few seconds, and then went black. For the first time ever, Chandra actually did faint.


“Friends, comrades, and members of the Senate! It is my unpleasant duty today to inform you all that Chancellor Ward’s health has taken a turn for the worse. Although he claims his mind is as sharp as ever, it is apparent that his physical health is taking its toll on his stamina. If he worked himself to death, Sperlonia would be without a crucial Senate member, and we must do everything in our power to protect him.”

The one who spoke was actually a very prominent member in the Senate, an Alda’marith that went by the name of Cronzikstein. He rose through the ranks very quickly early on, gaining trust from each race by building lasting, genuine relationships with the influential leaders of society. To address the assembled crowd, he stood on a platform overlooking the vast amount of politicians that stood before him.

Now, thanks to Chancellor Ward’s declining health, he was the first person who came to mind that should address such an issue. But the Alda’marith wasn’t done yet!

“Continuing on, I’d like to thank all of those who voted in the recent flash election! I am proud to announce that I, Senator Cronzikstein, will be your new Chancellor!”

Applause rained down upon Cronzikstein, and the resplendent Senator (now the Chancellor!) took a bow, his smile growing wider and wider with each passing second. After what seemed like an eternity, the applause finally died down, and Chancellor Cronzikstein was able to speak again.
“And now, without further ado, I present to you the Senate’s latest plan! With this final push, Sperlonia’s age long goal of amassing an army will finally be complete! With this latest and greatest plan of ours, the Galaxy’s dream will be synonymously acquired! Behold, the Science Department’s latest creation!”

Cronzikstein held something in-between his thumb and forefinger, which looked a lot like a little pain reliever pill.

Hushed whispers could be heard all around the Briefing Dome, and the Alda’marith took a calculated pause to build up the suspense, taking pride in the show he was able to perform in front of everyone.

“Good denizens, I give you the Potent Preggo Pill! It’s not the most imaginative name, I know, but it sure gets the job done! Before sexual intercourse, simply have both the man and the woman take one of these and the sheer amount of children that are produced will be beyond your wildest dreams! I’m sure you all remember when one of our very own Breeders had fifty-three children? This pill causes those births to pale in comparison! Today, one very lucky lady will be able to test it out, and she will become the final key to our goal! And then, from there… the possibilities are endless!”

The crowd cheered wildly, giving Cronzikstein a standing ovation.

He bowed one last time before the platform receded back into his office.

The newly appointed Chancellor cackled to himself, amazed at how well that had went. He made his way over to one of his many partners, a beautiful Proterian female by the name of Heather. He had knocked her up a few months back, and the full body scan had indicated that she was carrying about twenty-four babies inside of her belly. She was so large…

Cronzikstein bent down and kissed her abundant tummy, affectionately fingering her protruding navel while fondling her engorged tits aggressively.

“Ohhh, yes! That feels so good, master. Ahhh, haaah!”

Cronzikstein then brought his lips to hers, continuing to massage her enormous breasts as he kissed her.

“Hey, that’s not fair, master! I want a turn, too!”

“Pssh, he’ll get to you last, Jenny! He’ll come to me next!”

“No, I want him next!”

This went on pretty much every day, and Cronzikstein enjoyed how every single one of his heavily pregnant partners desired him. And who wouldn’t, with their mobility taken away from them. The only thing to do in that office all day was bicker amongst themselves and wait to be groped by their master.

All of sudden, the door to the office burst open, and in walked a man in a white cloak that flapped behind him. A cowboy hat sat atop his head, and twin sheaths for his Blades were attached to his back. His mechanical body whirred for a couple seconds as his eyes adjusted to the lighting. He looked around the room for a few seconds before settling on Cronzikstein. He narrowed his eyes at the Alda’marith and began to run towards him with surprising speed.

“W-what is the meaning of this?!”, yelled Cronzikstein as he was wrenched away from Heather and slammed down onto the floor.

“M-master, who is this?! S-someone help, master is in… ack!”

The Cyborg closed the door to the room without even touching it, surprising the crap out of Heather.

“Don’t move a muscle, Cronky”, the man demanded. His body appeared to be mechanical, and the red glow coming from his eyes showed that he meant business. “I just need a little bit of info from you.”

“Y-you can’t possibly be…!”, Cronzikstein began, only to catch himself and stop midsentence.

“Oh ho, so you do know me! That’s right, the name’s Siegfried, world-renowned killer! But don’t worry, I’m not here for you head. I’m here to find out the location of your master. Have you any clue, or must I beat the info out of your swelled head?”

“I don’t know w-what you’re talking a-about!”, “Cronky” stammered. “I h-have no master, I take orders only from the Senate! Please l-leave the premises before I have to call the guards!”

“Well, then, I hope you won’t mind if I take one of these lovelies back home with me, would you?”

Siegfried relinquished his grip on Cronzikstein, and made his way towards Jenny, an Alda’marith with a face that reminded one of the perfect summer day, as she always had a bright smile ready for Cronzikstein. Her voice was thick with an accent, which made her all the more scrumptious.

“N-no, let me go, you dastard!”, she cried, trying to wrench away from Siegfried’s hold on her chin. He licked her cheek as he fondled her overstuffed melons, causing her to lactate a little bit. She bit her lip, trying as hard as she could not to cry out.

“Alright, alright!”, Cronzikstein conceded, not wanting to lose a single woman to this awful man.
“He’s undercover as a hotel worker right now! I don’t know which one, though! And that’s all the info I have!”

Siegfried grinned maliciously at Cronzikstein, flashing the Alda’marith a thumbs up.

“I’m glad we came to an agreement. I’d hate to lose her, too.”

Giving Jenny’s ripe rear end a great big smack, he finally made her moan, following up his action by moving his two fingers in-between a rather sacred place and pleasuring the lucky Alda’marith even more.

“N-no, d-don’t… ahhhh!”

“Siegfried, stop! Leave now, or I really AM going to call security!”

The bounty hunter stopped his perverted actions and advanced on Cronzikstein, putting a steely hand on his shoulder.

“Do you think, Cronky, you puppet, that all of the security available to the Senate could stop me? What sci-fi fantasy world are you living in, hmmm?”

His bold words hung on the air for a few seconds, the Alda’marith too horrified to respond. The uneasiness was finally broken by Heather’s sneeze, and she immediately regretted not holding it in.

“Woah, I didn’t even notice you before!”, Siegfried practically yelled, trotting over to her. “Cronky sure has amazing taste in women, I’ll give him that.”

Giving her a nice, long kiss, Siegfried finally made his escape by throwing down the cliché smoke bomb. After the smokescreen had cleared, the hatted bounty hunter was nowhere in sight.

Cronzikstein fell to his knees, the recent advancement to Chancellor not even registering in his head at this point. His personal partners all made efforts to cheer him up, but the Alda’marith was too out of it to respond. The one thing he beat himself up for the most was revealing the place that his master was presiding in. It was something that the Senate must never be able to catch wind of, for if they ever figured out where Cronzikstein’s true loyalties lied…

His true master, another one of Sperlonia’s underworld names, would be more than just furious if he ever figured out Cronzikstein’s betrayal.

Was their grand scheme about to be foiled by Siegfried?


“We have them right where we want them. I’ll be conducting the experiment tonight. How did you induction go?”

“Oh, quite well, sir! I was received with open arms!

“Good, good. It’s almost time, my faithful servant. Get ready…”


To Be Continued in: Episode V!

Planet Size Me, Episode IVby MrCandyMan007

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Fantasy / Introductions & Chapters©2013-2014 MrCandyMan007
Mature Content
Without further ado, I give you my penultimate masterpiece!

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And let me not forget to mention :iconyourgrandaddy:, whom I exchanged a plethora of notes with after he first brought up the basic foundations for this story. Without his marvelous idea for me to build off of, this story would not exist ;D

Chandra is © :iconyourgrandaddy:

All other OCs here are © myself
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